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Academic Position:

Professor of Civil Engineering


Academic Degrees:

B. Sc. in  Civil Engineering from Isfahan University of Technology, 1988


M. Sc. in Structural Engineering from Sharif University of Technology, 1991

(Thesis Subject: Optimization of Two Dimensional Steel Frames under Static and Seismic Loading)


M. Sc. in Modelisation in the Domain of Civil Engineering from University of Lille France, 1994

(Thesis Subject: Seismic Response of Piles by the Method of Beam-on-Dynamic-Winkler-Foundation)


Ph. D. in Structural Engineering from University of Lille, France, 1998

(Thesis Subject: Behaviour of Concrete Piles Reinforced by Steel Fibres under Seismic Loading)



(+98) 31 33913851


(+98) 31 33912700



Work Address:

Department of Civil Engineering

Isfahan University of Technology

Isfahan, IRAN


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